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Russia mobilising troops and artillery along North Korea border amid fears of an all-out war

Russia is reportedly mobilising troops and equipment along its 11-mile North Korea border amid fears that US President Donald Trump could launch a strike against North Korea anytime, leading to an all-out war in the region. Russian President Vladimir Putin is believed to have ordered the move keeping in mind …

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Fool Nigeria Once, Shame on You. Fool Nigeria Twice …foreignpolicy.com

  The man who claimed in the campaign to be a “reformed democrat” has proved to be the same old authoritarian showman who ruled Nigeria in the early 1980s. It’s been a tough year for Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. The mood in Africa’s most populous nation is a far cry …

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If Trump wins the election, what will the United States look like in the next four years?

Matthew Lee Myers This is a tough question to answer, as Trump has set out very few policy positions, and those that he has set out tend to change rapidly or are internally contradictory. We also have no way to gauge how well he would do at getting his policy …

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