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Retirements: ‘Obasanjo Instigated Buhari’s Ethnic Cleansing In The Military’, Northern Names Fake

It has emerged that the advise preferred by former President Olusegun
Obasanjo during his several meetings at the Presidential Villa with
President Mohammadu Buhari led to the retirement of senior military
officers announced yesterday by the Nigerian Army, 80 percent of whom are
from the South East and South South geo-political zones of the country,
Government and Military sources confirmed to Pointblanknews.com

Sources say some names of Northerners in the list are fake as only about
one can be verified.

Among those retired were Major Gen LC ILO, (GOC 2 Division), Col. Ojogbane
Adegbe, ADC to former President Goodluck Jonathan and Col. Tonye F Minima,
younger brother to immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General
Keneth Minimah.

Impeccable sources told Pointblanknews.com that President Buhari sought
the advice of former president Obasanjo, who had carried out a similar
purge of “political soldiers” when he assumed duties as president in 1999.

Obasanjo who installed the YarÁdua/Jonathan presidency but later fell out
with Jonathan, had backed President Buhari during the 2015 presidential
race and publicly tore his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) membership card,
advised Buhari to rid the military of officers whose loyalty to his
government is in doubt in view of their roles in the 2015 general

“The several meetings they had reviewed a number of issues including
ridding the military of corrupt officers, whose tainted roles in the last
election could not be equated with their professional calling, dubious
arms procurement issues and doubtful loyalty to Buhari’s government.
Obviously, whether you like it or not, most of them have deep seated
sympathy for the former president (Jonathan).

“Former president Obasanjo as a former military head of state, and both
are former military heads of state, does not hide his feeling and gave him
(Buhari) his piece of mind. Really, you can’t work with people whose
loyalty are in doubt”, a source close to the government said.

Some of those retired were brigade commanders and GOCs.

Buoyed by Obasanjo’s advise, President Buhari descended on top military
officers from the South including those who had no business with either
the 2015 election or the arms contracts.

Those from the South East include Major General LC Ilo, (GOC 2 Division),
Major General T.C Ude, Major General IN Ijoma, Brigadier General Okonkwo,
Col O. U. Nwankwo, Col Nicholas Achinze, ADC to former National Security
Adviser, Col Dasuki Sambo, Col C.k. Ukoha, Lt. Col C. Enechukwu, Lt. Col.
C Amadi and Lt. Col. Adimoha.

Officers from the South South are Brigadier-General Koko Essien,
Brigadier-General P.E. Ekpeyong, Col Tonye F. Minimah, younger brother to
former Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen. Minimah, Brigadier-General IMD Lawson,
Brigadier-General Onoyiveta, Major Gen, Letam Wiwa, younger brother to
late Environmentalist, Late Ken Saro Wiwa and Major T.A Williams.

President Buhari had earlier sacked southern officers in the Department of
State Security (DSS) including former Spokesperson of the agency, Miss
Marylin Ogar and even went as far as sacking 100 trainee officers of the
agency in Lagos.

Pointblanknews.com also gathered from military sources a manipulation of
the list of retired officers released which created the impression that
many core northern military officers were involved in the purge.

“Some of the names of northern officers being bandied are non-existent.
They are manipulated to give a false impression”, a dependable source

The List….

Major Gen, L.C. Iloh

Major Gen IN Ijoma

Maj Gen. T. C. Ude

Brigadier-General Okonkwo

Brigadier p. E. Ekpenyong

Majo General Letam Wiwa

Brigadier-General IMD Lawson

Brigadier Gen Koko Essien

Col Tonye F Minimah

Brigadier Gen Bright Fiboinumama

Brigadier-Gen Onoyiveta

Col O U Okonkwo

Col CK Ukoha

Col OU Nwankwo

Col GC Nyekwu

Lt Col C. Enechukwu

Lt Col CO Amadi,

Lt Col Adimoha

Maj Gen FO Ali.

Maj Gen EG Atewe.

Maj Gen Ejemai.

Maj Gen MY Ibrahim

Maj Gen Koleoso

Maj Gen PAT Akem

Brig Gen LM Bello.

Brig Gen MG Ali.

Brig Gen Oyefesobi.

Brig Gen Ogidi. 21.

Brig Gen Agachi

Col Adegbe

Col DR Hassan.

Col FD Kayode

Lt Col Oladuntoye

Lt Col Baba Ochanpa

Lt Col Dazang

Lt Col TE Arigbe

Lt Col Egemole

Lt Col A Suleiman

Lt Col A Mohammed

Lt Col AS Mohammed

Brig Gen Bashir Mormoni

Brig Gen AH Sa’ad

Brig Gen Ogidi

Brig Gen LN Bello

Brig. General PE

Source: PointblankNews


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