Forgive me if I exaggerated the existence of everything, but the truism of the whole stories still lie within the scope of my expression.
But I will say, without stooping low for any authority, our problem is fundamental to the sets of goons, and hungry politicians whose curling lips glittering with lies and deceit. I must be sincere; things are not working here.
Mr. Ade, a very jovial and teeth flashing man came to my house at early morning when many of my co-tenants were still in bed, snoring. I lived in a detached mud structure boy quarters in a god forsaken area where things were done differently compared to a sane community. He’s here to introduce wealth-generated deal.
A deal but dirty job elsewhere, just a deal. But you might call it anything you like downstream the story. I have known Mr. Ade more a decade now, a very and supporting man, though. If not for any other person, but for me, he is a good man. Before I got admission to higher institution – a place of frustration, we had made a lot of deal, successful deal together. He loved working with me. Then he was a petty thug, used by petty politicians to carry out unthinkable deal. Oh, sorry for the deal repetition, it just a deal, okay. He loved his work.
Now Mr. Ade stood t the front the gate, in my compound, calling me out. (It was not a real gate okay, just a trapdoor to control free flowing of goats within the compound.) I knew it, negotiation again. I crawled out from bed, inched toward the tattered curtain streaming down from the window, and pierced through it. The mirror of a metallic horse, Black Mercedes Benz 2015 model attracted me. I peeked on it. The last time I saw it was online – social networks (a place to waste hours on appreciating model pictures). Nevertheless, I had stopped bronzing young celebrities’ picture because most time I got maudlin like an inebriated man. It made me build a membrane for negative thought: Satan is a celebrity, wealthy with sonorous voice. I stopped there; I did not want to say further how I align my thought.
I could not imagine Mr. Ade would have got Mercedes Benz 2015 in 2015 – very hard to believe. Besides, we spoke some days ago, telling me to come back from Bornu State, where I served my father. Eh, do not think something funny, ‘NOT A CONVICT OR THE SLITTERS’ MEMBER.’ To arrange girls for the politicians in Nigeria, do not be amaze that is how we do things here. I was told that all political office holders do that all over the world, though. I did not know how true the statement is, but you confirm that for me and mail me back… Nothing impressed me much in his statement in the course of our conversation as ‘THE BIG POLITICIANS WANT MORE YOUNG GIRLS NOW’ when I heard this, my lips stratified. Because the last deal we got was through Local Government Chairman, and five members of his cabinet. A meager amount, two hundred thousand, I got just fifty thousand.
He trudged to the front of my room, and hit the door hard as he scrubbed his shoes on the foot mat at doorstep. The compound was muddy, and he must have soaked his shoes.
I welcomed him. ‘How was your wasting service year?’ He asked as he dangling the key to his newly bought car before me. ‘Wasting service year’ echoed in my head.
None of his expressions and questions made sense to me anymore. ‘Wasting service year’ kept echoing in my head. I knew why he said that, I had lost most of the contacts I made.
How can I describe the events: was it from gory adventurers, slitting innocent souls, gory events that went under the carpet with no report or unstable allowance? He might be right anyway.
‘Brother, service was good.’ I said, fixing my eyes on the key he held. ‘But I did not get all you said on phone.’
‘You like money now than ever.’ He slapped my shoulder playfully. ‘The former Chairman had introduced me to senators and governors.’
The former Local Government Chairman was now a senator.
We chatted for long, discussing how to get girls down to the venue of the events. That was how I made a job from it.
Within a short while, I became an agent that senators could not do without. I left the boys’ quarter for a flat at a good location. Sometimes, we shipped down girls from universities to Governor’s house. They were guest gift, many guests always demanded for them.
But I found it difficult to tell my friends what I did for living. I did tell them I was an agent. Those who were in haste did not bother to ask. Surprisingly, a friend rang my line four days ago, and told me that he wanted to travel to the US if I could get him a ticket.
Anyway, prostitution is thriving in my country. Sorry, prostitution is everywhere, but governors and senators encouraged our young girls from higher institution through their activities to choose prostitution as profession. It will amaze you that Governors’ houses are different from hotels, wasting and lavishing taxpayer money on women.
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