The Nigeria nation form by conglomerate of different ethnic nationalities scatter across the nook and cranny of its breath, though. Some of the tribes, the minorities, have been absorbed by the major tribes or language within the same geographical landscape. The will of survival has evaded some of these minorities tribes or languages. For instance, the minorities tribes which scatter across Kaduna, Baluchi, Nassarawa etc have lost the origin of their existence, most especially the new age. They are totally absorbed by the Hausa speaking communities. Only a few of these tribes have the will to demand of its their share of the nation cake.
More so, some individuals still argue that the nation heterogeneity is a signal of separation from God, aligning to the old thinkers in America centuries ago. Then they believed black men and white men were created to live together, if God wants them together, he would have separated Blackman dominated zone to white men dominated zone. The philosophy gained prominency that it was enshrined in the book of law. Naturally, in creation, black men were not stationed at white man’s land but by exploitation and exploration, the few strong white men who wanted slaves that could work on their plantation navigated through Africa ocean and brought them to white man’s land for their selfish interest.
That is what made Sigmund Freud expression logical when he said every man is driven by two desire: the urge for sex or urge wealth’ . All of man desires borne out to the aforementioned factors.
I think, we need to dissect the reason why President Buhari of Nigeria cried when he lost to the former president Good luck in 2011, his promises during the electioneering campaign, opinion about his antecedent on an alleged tribalism, his told philosophy during military regime and what he does now. The reason for dissecting it is simple, we take a snapshot at the past event, present and future, because progress will be retarded with no history.
We learnt from history that he loved his people, northerners, an image which reflected during his reign as a military man. There is no doubt about that, every man in heterogeneous community tends to be bias in his judgment when it comes ethnicity, though. Baba Obasanjo, the former President of Nigeria from 1999-2006 proved that philosophy wrong with the structure of his cabinet. He chose from even the minorities ethnic nationalities in the country. I love Baba for that. Laugh! But the present administration is yet to balance up in the choice of federal character as everyone wails now. The appointment he had made so far, Northerners dominated 99.5% if I am right.
Anyway, he has his reason for doing that which I believe I can shed light on. With the fight against corruption campaign by the President, Muhammadu Buhari, there is other tribes in Nigeria that are less corrupt as Northerners, that is the reason he chooses Northerners over other tribes. And don’t forget, all everyone desires is the demise of corruption in Nigeria.

List of Nigerian looters released by World Bank. looted money discovered in foreign banks Below are names of depositors in London, Swiss($) USA
($), Germany.
GEN IBRAHIM BABANGIDA 6.25bn 7.41bn 2.00bn 9.00bn
GEN ABUBAKAR 1.31bn 2.33bn 800M
REAR ADMIRAL MIKE AKHIGBE 1.24bn 2.42bn 671M 1bn
GEN JERRY USENI 3.04bn 2.01bn 1.01bn 900M
ALH ISMAILA GWARZO 1.03bn 2.00bn 1.3bn 700M
ALH UMARU DIKKO 4.5bn 1.4bn 700M 345M
PAUL OGWUMA 300M 1.42bn 200M 500M
GEN SANI ABACHA 9.01bn 4.09bn 800M 3.01M
MOHAMMED ABACHA 300M 1.2bn 150M 535M
ABDULKADIR ABACHA 700M 1.21bn 900M 471M
ALHAJI WADA NAS 600M 1.32bn 300M
TOM IKIMI 400M 1.39bn 152M371M
DAN ETETE 1.12bn 1.03bn 400M 1.72bn
DON ETIBET 2.5bn 1.06bn 700M 361M
MAJ AL MUSTAPHA 600M 1.001bn 210M
ANTHONY ANI 2.9bn 1.09bn 360M 1.66bn
BASHIR DALHATU 2.3bn 1.001bn 161M 1.43bn
GEN WUSHISHI 700M 1.301bn
T Y DANJUMA 300M 200M 700M
From the above list, we can deduce that Northerners are less corrupt than the rest two major tribes in Nigeria. Having Northerners in his cabinet is the only guarantee to eliminate corruption in Nigeria. If history is relevant, his past history on the love he has for his people, reflecting in his action. But don’t forget, it is all for anti corruption war.
Lately, people from other different ethnicity have started to raise eyeball, criticizing his choice of Northerners over other tribes in Nigeria. It takes a neutral man to control heterogeneous country like Nigeria especially at sensitive period as this. He had made 30 appointment so far, 23 are Northerners, other tribes share 7. If you ask him, he will tell he could only few people among other tribes that have a cleaned hands. Slosh across the tribes who are scarcely appointed.
Northerners who are the voice of zoning, recently fought against the philosophy of zoning as the convener of the Coalition of Northern Politicians, Academics, Professionals and Businessmen, Junaid Mohammed, said he was not in favour of zoning in the giving of political appointments.
But these were the same tribe promoting zoning.

Now so many tribes have seen Nigeria as the birth of error, forcing God to put together what he had separated: separation through ocean, through culture, through language and philosophy.

In the past, during the military era, we were told he never travelled for a second out the country, believing so much that he turned down world bank offer to devaluate our dearly naira. But today, a new chapter of history opens, Buhari travelled more than he did as a military man. Laugh! My intuition told me he didn’t travel because a second trip away from your country as head state can fuel another dubious military officer topples the government. And the best way to secure the seat is to get his butt stuck as long he wanted. He was still around when his butt got lifted from the seat. Don’t forget I said the white men navigated through African ocean when the time to garner slaves that could work on the plantation evolved, but now, we still run to them for domestic problem, though. No nation can exist in isolation, we need each other for survival. But the former Libyan president made a different.
If you want people to take you seriously, every word you utter must, and you must in control if your emotion. Our expectations are still on the president on his electioneering campaign promises: declaring of asset publicly and others. Declaration of asset publicly has been counted as sin against the president because no asset declaration has ever slipped from his mouth. Please forgive him for, he is too busy to declare that. There are a lot of works on his table, the reason why has not attended to any sector. But as soon as he finishes it, the promises will start to manifest.


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