Nigeria is an embossment of slave-minded politicians on the sconce of disgrace, illuminating the likes mind to scorch the less privilege and the few who are not belong to the territories of scientism of esotericism.
Someone like me who has no voice, watch as horror locked in, since my words are being heard within my colleagues and piers, I never cease watching the unfolding and folding event.

We all live in what we are told. If we don’t, who care about our existence. Who care?
Only belong to the few who stand on sconces of principalities to shed tiny light on the path of whoever please their self righteousness. Yes, little we could do to throw off the sconce, rather, we stoke in more wood and plank through our inferiority expression of wish to ignite it the more.

Who are we to blame, since our moral stand is weak like our politicians, but many claim to be morally upright when he or she has never been tasted with power….. it intoxicates…

A hamlet can belong to a set of people, there is doubt about it, and even the presiding holster of peace and law in such could determine who he choose to work in his vineyard inasmuch as it is well with the subjects, peaceful transition will be possible. But such concept may chafe impediment in a country dominated by varieties of species of different clothes and tongue. If the minorities sense much domination from other tribes whose numbers transcend their culture and resources, hatred and self-consciousness through the unpopular domination may brew a rage of enmity.
Enmity emerges when a daily recrimination is famous. It may turn out to be plague rather than recrudescent strain which many people harness to. Though, I never subscribe to such, since the beginning of expression of self-domination from the outrageous campaign of ‘power must return…..….. no tribes should lay a claim to the direction of the country strength, no tribe is worthy to do that. I repudiate such belief, perhaps it brews the consciousness of the minority whose wealth of the nation lies in its belly, to repudiate unduly domination.

Although, nature equally distributed resources on the belly of every tribe, the wealth of the nation solely depends on the strength of the minority. The irony of life.
Truly, the mysterious reduction of humanity in a particular region; North East of the country is alarming, but has anyone ever thought over it, why such inimical humanity exhume during the reign of the present administration? I may not have the best answer to the question, but politics still downplay in their activities.
Initially , when the celebration of blood and flesh began, after the general election, many innocent hope of parents were victims of such wild experiment and, we all stood in the corner of our room to cast aspersion on the seemed progenitor of inciting words which many believed cause the sycophants; our political misfortune, to slit the throat of many innocents youths. We shouted on the street to bring him to book. But no good response ever came from the president. We branded him coward, incompetent and worst of past president in the country. Unfortunately, the same man whom we wanted his hands chafed with the police hand chain, now receive a wild accolades from majorities of us. What a strange country!
We return all frustration and pain to the president, without asking question of how we get to where we are at present. Though, he have the right to do that, not moral right, not moral because we have forgotten where we are coming from.
If you belong to group of people who wanted the seemed progenitor of the wild massacre that saw off the 2011 general election questioned then, but now dance to the new tune of sterling antecedents of enticement, you are worst than a murderer. And I will urge you to ask yourself many questions on moral value, to know if you are worthy to criticize what you cannot do better.
Yes, he is the political leader from a party platform to rule the country, I don’t accrue any speciality to that so far your spark of inspiration is dwindled.

However, we still believe the former can do it better, because he had done it on past when corruption had pitched its tent in the country. He contributed immensely in charting a new course for the country. Applaud for the great past, but today is better than yesterday, because it is through it we create a new existence. We must have been in haste to forget that what made his regime then were not men with pilfering political records; kleptomaniac politicos, or men who prattle only to make a share of resources. We talk of his integrity and honesty, but his recent certificate scandals blows different wind to the existing ideology about him.
I hold no grudges against him, I voted him last election, despite chastisement from who could read their palms during his reign.
A report reads, the subjects he claimed to have had A1 were in existence at the period. The examination body discarded the result.
Who is deceiving who?
Besides all these, leadership and statesmanship role in building a country seems evading from him. I wouldn’t have expected him made some of the statement he has made. Though we might be conned into the belief that he said out of patriotism, I disagree with it. Personal interest is real devourer reducing the nation progress….. but very unfortunately, on social network, youths cast curse on one another over who to be the next president..
The both have been advised to step down for another candidates to emerge, since they are polarized figures, they rejected the words of prophet. Now, the polarization has started come to play, the sycophants of the two started adding mayhem to the existing bedlam.
Now, every pillar of the nation is being threatened. But it makes no sense to us, all we glamour for is change; change through the majority who had dominated the seat of the political discourse and wealth creation of the country. Why cant think of another personality than these two polarized figure that could plunge the country into a serious problem…..
If our aspiration is to see Boko Haram vanishes out of our land what of the unknown Haram that may ensue again? If the Niger Delta boys rises again, they may kill the economy. Boko Haram killed the flesh, but the latter can kill both the flesh and economy.


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