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3 Main Features To Consider When Choosing A Duvet

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Sleep is our everything. The better sleep you have, the better you will feel yourself the next day. The bedroom interior, the right lightning, the correctly chosen and located bed, and the blankets and duvets are those important things that influence one’s sleep effectiveness. So it’s important that you come to the task of organizing your bedroom seriously. Today we will look closer to the top-essential bedroom items, such as the duvets, which are important to be comfortable, made of the right non-allergenic fabrics, and affordable by their price at the same time. Luckily for everyone, the duvets on Jiji are the perfect match of all these features. So hurry up to make your choice and to invest into your healthy sleep.

Comfort Level


Obviously, the very first thing to consider when choosing a duvet is its comfort level. In this case, there are three options:
Summer: this is a perfect option for those who are usually too warm under their bedding and whose homes are typically warmer than the average.
4 Seasons: this is a perfect year-round comfort choice. It is good for the sleepers who are too warm only at the hottest summer nights and whose home temperature is at the moderate level.
Winter: these duvets are especially for those using extra blankets with their duvets. The winter types are designed especially for the homes with cooler temperatures.

Quality Choice

After having made your choice of the comfort level, proceed with the quality choice of materials used. So there are three factors to consider:
Loft: the higher the loft of your duvet, the more resilient and long lasting it is. Besides, it will provide you with more comfortable warmth.
Thread count: the higher the thread count in fabric is, the lighter the weight and the more comfort there is for the sleeper.
Budget: it is also important to choose the duvets in accordance to your financial abilities. Therefore, on Jiji you can find both great economical and luxury choices made of silk and wool.

Filling Selection

The selection of your duvet’s filling is especially important in terms of its impact on your health. The fillings are represented by such options as:
Natural fillings: are soft, comfortable, highly resistant and much durable. There are geese feather fillings, which are considered as luxury ones due to their lightness and duck feather fillings, which are heavier, but are available at lower prices.
Hollowfibre fillings: are the synthetic substitution to the natural filling, but which are still worth consideration. Often they are composed of a 50:50 mixture of polyester and the spring-like conjugate hollowfibres. They are capable of assuring you the highest level of comfort, as well as many years of durability. Moreover, as compared to the duvets with the natural filling, the hollowfibre filling duvets are easy to be washed in a washing machine.


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