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Introducing the Buharimeter

On Friday May 29th, 2015, a new Government was inaugurated in Nigeria. The activities leading up to the General elections climaxed on the 28th of March when citizens went out to cast their votes. It became a two-day affair – a drawn out event that tested the tenacity of its citizens; people who remained resolute in ensuring their votes counted.

There are several reasons these 2015 elections will remain memorable for Nigerians. Firstly, it involved unseating an incumbent government; secondly, it dislodged Nigeria’s lead political party (which was the first time this has happened since its return to civil rule in 1999); and thirdly the incumbent President Good-luck Jonathan conceded defeat and congratulated his opponent even before the official results were announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission. On top of all this, Nigeria’s electoral process was carried out with minimal violence.



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