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Hijab, Guilt and Rape

Not only the rapist is blameworthy but also if such rape emanates from the fact that the victim was sexually arousing and appealing, then

both the victim and the rapist is blameworthy, but their punishment should differ and vary. The victim due to being a victim must bear the

guilt of sexual provocation in the rapist by the fact that she was sexually revealing and appealing. In an Islami state it thus very

essential that the law of hijab and at least the dress code of modesty for non-muslims be implemented.
Muslim women are required to veil their sexual revelation. Such veil in the sense of defined law is that they cover their legally mandated

parts of the body with legally mandated cloths. The wisdom behind veil lies in the nature of sexuality of man and woman, both being

different. Some people may foolishly claim to put veil over the man but the general psychological and physiological build of man and woman do

suggest that it is men who are the sexual predator. The following gives a good scientific basis for the difference of man and woman’s

“Study after study shows that men’s sex drives are not only stronger than women’s, but much more straightforward. The sources of women’s

libidos, by contrast, are much harder to pin down.” If the sources are difficult to ascertain then it cannot be concluded that an unveiled

man arouses the woman statistically significant.
“Sexual desire in women is extremely sensitive to environment and context,” says Edward O. Laumann, PhD. He is a professor of sociology at

the University of Chicago and lead author of a major survey of sexual practices, The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in

the United States.
Here are seven patterns of men’s and women’s sex drives that researchers have found.
1. Men think more about sex- So this is obviously a potential trigger towards rape and as sexually revealing women can enhance the thought

and sexual tension, and as rape is a serious crime, then it is meaningful to say that any viable measure to eradicate the causative factors

will be a good and rational solution.
2. Men seek sex more avidly- Men also say they want more sex partners in their lifetime, and are more interested in casual sex. Baumeister

concludes after reviewing several surveys of men and women. Prostitution is still mostly a phenomenon of men seeking sex with women, rather

than the other way around. Nuns do a better job of fulfilling their vows of chastity than priests. Baumeister cites a survey of several

hundred clergy in which 62% of priests admitted to sexual activity, compared to 49% of nuns.
3. Women take a less direct route to sexual satisfaction- Women’s desire “is more contextual, more subjective, more layered on a lattice of

emotion,” Perel adds. Men, by contrast, don’t need to have nearly as much imagination, Perel says, since sex is simpler and more

straightforward for them.
4. Women’s libidos seem to be less responsive to drugs- Men’s sex drives seemingly more directly tied to biology when compared to women.

“There is a hormonal factor in [sex drive], but it is much more important in men than women,” Braunstein says.
Given the analysis is it fair to conclude men and women are sexually different both in build and responses. The law of God ie. Hijab is a

perfect measure and a preventive reductive mean of sexually related crimes and men being able to control themselves better. Also from the

fact that men are different in their overtly direct sexual approach to women, which sometimes, they can full fill even by aggressive means,

it is fair to say that both men and women have responsibility to God and society to not harass each other mentally and physically. So both

must be legally responsible as to the consequence of rape and sexual incitement.

[Read full here for reference https://www.academia.edu/12388481/Hijab_Guilt_and_Rape]

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