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Pastor Reno Omokri

Former Special Adviser to Ex President Jonathan,Pastor Reno Omokri was Lectured on Social Medial over Controversial Advice

Pastor Reno Omokri, a former media aide to ex President Good luck  Ebele Jonathan  was tutored over his advocacy for massive entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Mr Perez Tigidam, creative director at Arden & Newton Brand Management company as well as editor at TheNerveAfrica.com has responded to a viral tweet from the account of a former presidential spokesman, Reno Omokri on the inefficacy of the regular 9-5 jobs being widely embraced by Nigerians.

 Mr Perez Tigidam, a Lagosian voiced out his opinion via his Facebook page in an insightful piece titled “Pastor Reno Omokri: The Anti 9-5 and False Entrepreneurship Preachers”
Read the piece below:
I have tried my best for so many years now to remain civil on social media until Reno Omokri happened and I lost my chill.
There are times we must sincerely ask ourselves “who chill epp” just so we can protect young and vulnerable minds from the fallacy and entrapments of modern day pseudo-intellectuals and the many shallow minded entrepreneurship coaches and opportunists who are manipulating information to fatten their bank accounts. I am an entrepreneur and employer of labour, but I detest falsehood.
A few days ago, I saw a tweet that was already viral and had so many retweets from young people on (Nigerian) twitter, it simply read “A salary is a bribe they give you to abandon your dream” it irked the living day light out of me, but I tried as much as possible not to get involved in the conversations that ensued.
I looked through the thread of most of the apologists of this line of thinking and they seemed to me like people who are not collecting or have never collected a salary, neither do they even have a dream that pays the bills. I said to myself “Don’t get involved in idle chatter, let them continue in their masturbatory excitement”.
What worried me most was the sheer number of people who agreed to this; not so much of their number but the fact that such numbers could be that shallow minded and lack the ability to think rationally, it also reflected the shallowness and manipulative nature of the source(s) of these lines of thinking.
The conversations went on endlessly and for days, many of them used the opportunity to carry out what I’d choose to call career-shaming. They were simply career-shaming people who were in paid employment, making it seem like there was something wrong with people who have decided to build a life and career in paid employment.
My friend Chinonso Ogbogu runs entrepreneurship training programs and I remember a few weeks ago when he came visiting the office, I told him that I am an entrepreneur but I do not like people in his circles, as a matter of fact, I detest people who go about screaming entrepreneurship. I remember telling him that he should keep his message sane as it is at the moment that the day he turns manipulative, that’s where our friendship ends and I hope he adheres.
You see, in situations like these, you ignore the juveniles and hope that those who are blessed with age will have the wisdom to come forward with a balanced narrative but I became convinced that wisdom isn’t necessarily a conferment that comes with age as Reno Omokri yesterday tried to take advantage of the moment and tweeted the rubbish attached to this post.
It took me a long while before I summoned the courage to break the rules of engagement and responded to that tweet. I said to myself, I am an employer and I owe it to myself and my team to protect their minds from folly and fallacy. I owe my friends and family in paid employment who are shamed into quietness by words like Reno’s to speak out and counter sensationalism with truth, line upon line.
The world is in the mess it is because of extremist ideologies, as mundane as a subject matter as this may seem, this line of thinking that Reno holds is an extremist leaning.
It is statements like these and that of the many entrepreneurship training charlatans that created the many shitty businesses we have all over the place, people who have no business with being in business, refusing to work because they’ve been made to believe that there is something wrong with paid employment. It is even affecting the psyche of those in paid employment who want to build a career out of it because their ego and sense of self esteem is badly bruised by misinformation.
The same line of thinking that has aided the duplicity of mushroom churches because we are now all ego driven and think there is something wrong with being subject to someone else’s leadership and authority. We should all be entrepreneurs and pastors they think.
Reno Omokri, a professed pastor who recently left paid employment as an aide to the former president says paid employment is a waste of education.
What a wawu!
source Tori.ng

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