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Blue Moon – A Playlet on HIV/AIDS- Folajin Ayodele

Omolola: My name’s Omolola. I live with my roommates Bola and Dayo in an apartment in IdiOsa.

We’re good friends. We help each other and share everything without any problems.

Now, I’m in the hospital. Last month I had a high temperature for a long time. The doctor asked me to come here, so he could check it out and I could relax, soon my temperature became normal.

Now I feel all right, I want to go home but the doctor told me I had to take some more tests and he suggested that I have the HIV test too and find out why I got sick like that.

Bola and Dayo come to see me everyday. Yesterday morning when I got up, I saw the doctor. He had bad news for me. was very shocked! He told me I am HIV+ . Oh! my goodness! I can’t believe what I heard. I’m healthy, I’m in good shape, I have a good future.

Now, I feel down, I feel like everything is gone. I think about what happened to me all day long. I don’t know what to do. I need help! I need help!

When my friends came to see me last night. I told them that I am HIV+. When they heard the news, they seemed scared. They told me “take it easy, we don’t mind what happened to you, we’ll help you to face it, we won’t leave you alone,” then they went home. But 1 don’t know what they really think about me.

I’m worried. I don’t know how I got it or why I got it. I don’t think I’ve had unsafe sex and I don’t use drugs. But I’ve just remembered I had a blood transfusion about ten years ago.

This evening I’II leave the hospital and go home. I don’t know what my roommates think about me. Will they welcome me home or not? I can’t live alone. I’m worried. I’m afraid. Can anybody tell me what to do?

Bola: Dayo, This evening Omolola will come back home from the hospital, let’s clean up the house and do something for her.
Dayo: What! She’s coming back this evening. Oh no! I don’t want to live with her again. Tell her to find another place to live. You know, she has AIDS. If she lives with us, we’ll get AIDS from her. I’m afraid. I don’t want to live with her anymore.
Bola: Probably we can’t get HIV from her and if we can’t help Omolola, who will help her? Did you think about that? Do you know what the difference is between HIV and AIDS?
Dayo: Of course I know. If people have AIDS, they will die soon. AIDS is a deadly disease, it’s spreading fast in the world. I can’t stand behind her. I’m worried I may get AIDS from her.
Bola : You’re confused. HIV is different from AIDS. AIDS is the final most severe stage of HIV. She’s only HIV positive. It doesn’t mean she has AIDS. If she keeps healthy, she may live as long as we do. HIV is a virus which breaks down the body’s immune system. People die from AIDS because of the diseases and the infections they get that the body can’t fight. HIV can live in people’s fluids, like blood, sex fluids and breast milk and they can look and be healthy for a long time.
Dayo: Is it true? I’ve never heard about that. How about the other things. If Omolola wants to live with us. I won’t touch anything that she touches or uses. Like the toilet, chairs, furniture and …… and I don’t want to touch her either.
Bola: Why not?
Dayo: She’ll spread the virus! So I don’t want to live with her. If she stays here, I’II move.
Bola: You have the wrong idea. People can’t get HIV by touching, hugging, toilet seats, shaking hands, kissing on the cheek, food prepared by an HIV+ person and ……. It’s not passed by casual contact. So living with Omolola is not a problem. You know, people only get HIV from unsafe sex, using unclean needles; also an HIV+ mother can infect her baby when she’s pregnant.
Dayo: Do you know how Omolola got it? I know she didn’t sleep around and she doesn’t use drugs.
Bola: I remember almost ten years ago, she had a blood transfusion, Maybe this is why she is HIV+. I feel sorry for her.
Dayo: Me too, are you sure we won’t get AIDS from her?
Bola: Yes, I’m sure. If we are careful all the time, we won’t get infected, it’s no problem. If you still have any problems, let’s go find a counselor together tomorrow. Now, can Omolola come back here?
Dayo: Tonight is no problem, but tell her to take care of everything, make sure everything she touches, she cleans; and tomorrow, we’re going to meet a counselor.
Bola: I’m glad you said that. Omolola lives in this city alone, we’re her best friends, we have to help her.
Dayo: If she won’t spread AIDS to me, I’m going to help her too.
Omolola: Hello, Bola, Dayo. I’m home now.
Bola & Dayo: Welcome home!
Omolola: I’m very happy that you don’t mind that I’m HIV+.
Bola: We don’t mind. Tomorrow we’ll go to the counselor, talk about our future and how to take care of you.
Dayo: I’m still confused but I can help you too.
Omolola: Thank you.
Bola: Omolola, don’t worry. Dayo and I will help you take care of yourself because we love you.
Dayo: Yes, don’t worry.



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