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8 Awkward Places Nigerian Ladies Snap Profile Picture

As we all know that most Nigerian ladies are so obsessed with taking pictures just to flaunt their styles on social media. By the reason of this obsession, some take pictures in any environment they find themselves not minding how awkward these pictures look.

Here are the awkward places many Nigerian ladies snap pictures and upload them for the world to see;

1. Toilet

Some ladies don’t even mind the odour emanating from the toilet just to show how classy they are. In fact, some of them will even take a selfie while defecating. This is aimed at craving attention from guys. This silly act is very common with Lagos babes.

2. Okada

It beats my imagination how some ladies managed to snap themselves conveniently on bike despite the gallops and brake applied by the bike man. Just because wind is blowing their useless weavon and perhaps they are wearing sun glass, they will snap themselves and later seek guys’ consent if they look like nadia buhari. This is pure nonsense.

3. Public transport bus

I also experience this inside idanfo or keke napep; you must at least seen a lady snapping herself. Just yesterday when I boarded a bus from Anthony to CMS, the lady beside me was taking selfie as if her life depended on it. I advised her to keep her phone because of traffic thieves instead she abused me and I kept quiet. Before a tinkle of an eye, a dude snatch her phone from the window and she started wailing.

4. Market

I don’t know what pleasure ladies derive in snapping pictures at dangerous market places such apongbon, yaba, oshodi, etc where there are high number of rogues, financially frustrated guys and armed robbers. Are they so impatient to realise that one minutes of foolishness can make them loose all valuable thing on them?

6. Road side

Even if it’s possible for some ladies to take pictures at Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, I know they will definitely do that. Later when an unforeseen circumstances happen, they will blame it on Lalastic.lala for not making their topics to the FP.

6. Suya Joint

Some ladies will order for N100 from Ab.oki and will quickly take a selfie saying they are having nice time at a barbecue in lekki meanwhile they bought the suya at Iyana paja If the Abo.ki is a very sharp man, he can corner such a lady into his bedroom.

7. During church service

In fact, taking pictures in the church is a very good thing but it’s very awkward to be taking selfie during sermon, prayer meeting and quickly upload it on social media. When they return from church, ask them for the topic of the sermon and they will be looking clueless.

8. Filling station

You heard me right? Yes filling station. One thing I observed about ladies who take snap themselves sporadically is that they don’t take precautionary measure and also too stubborn to adhere to simple instruction. The sign is written on pump engine at filling stations that smoking and use of phone are prohibited but that is time they will start chatting, calling and snapping themselves unnecessarily as if they are possessed.



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