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Details About The Rescued Chibok Girl

The rescue of Amina Ali, one of the 219 school girls abducted by Boko Haram insurgents over two years ago was greeted with wild jubilation. Amina was rescued on Tuesday, May 17, in Bale village at the edge of the Sambisa forest by a Chibok vigilante group and handed over to the military. The people of Chibok poured on to the streets as news spread that one of the missing Chibok girls had been rescued and brought back to the village, Daily Trust reports. Sources who saw the rescued girl said she looked dejected and walked with a limp.
Amina was found breastfeeding a baby She was found breastfeeding her daughter and is said to be pregnant again, according to a doctor from Chibok, Idriss Danladi, who has been treating beleaguered parents of the abducted girls. How she was found. Amina was rescued when youth vigilantes, also known as Civilian JTF from Damboa town launched a counter attack to stop fleeing Boko Haram from the Sambisa forest. Vanessa Gar, a mother of one of the abducted Chibok girls, said after the civilian JTF fought the Boko Haram assailants, they arrested two alive.
The two men promised to give “good information” if their lives were spared and the vigilantes agreed. The captured men took them to a house in Bale, full of women. One of the vigilantes, who surveyed the faces of women in the house, paid special attention to Amina and realised that she looked like the people from one of the Chibok communities.  Amina was airlifted by Nigeria Air Force Super Puma aircraft from Damboa to Maiduguri alongside her baby and supposed husband, Mohammed Hayatu Amina was airlifted by Nigeria Air Force Super Puma aircraft from Damboa to Maiduguri alongside her baby and supposed husband, Mohammed Hayatu She responded when he spoke to her in their local dialect. One of the first people that saw the rescued girl, James Bako, an opinion leader in Chibok, said she escaped from the Sambisa forest together with her “husband” as a result of ground and aerial offensive by Nigerian security forces. According to him, the girl told her rescuers that she had resigned to fate after she was forcefully married off to a man, whom she said was equally abducted, conscripted and told to fight for the insurgents. He said after she was found, she hid her identity and gave her name as Falmata Mbalala, which was quoted by the army. This was because she wanted to be sure she was safe after leaving the Sambisa forest before revealing her true identity.
Amina was said to have told the community leaders that her school mates were being held captive in Sambisa forest, but that six of them had died. How she got married. Awomi Nkeki, the secretary of Chibok local government, who is also the acting chairman of the council, and from the same clan with Amina gave the name of the man who got ‘married’ to her as Mohammed Hayado.

He said: “Amina said Mohammed was also captured and forced to become a member of the Boko Haram. The terrorists’ commander, who was in charge of handling her and other women, directed that she should marry Mohammed and she had no option but to agree.” Amina reportedly told the vigilantes that her “husband” was not far from where she was found and wanted him to be rescued also. The return of Amina has now rekindled hope in Chibok and across the country, that the girls who are still alive would someday return home and be reunited with their families. Adamu Musa, a trader in Chibok, whose three nieces were among the abducted school girls, said: “There is a new hope now. We are glad that at last one of the girls has been found, meaning that many more would be found by the grace of God.” Ishaya Musa, a parent of one of the Chibok girls, who is now in Maiduguri, said, “We went to Church to give gratitude to God. I wish my daughter will also be found. I love all the girls but I pray my daughter is not one of the six that died.” Amina Ali, wadda Boko Haram ta sace daga Chibok, rike da diyar ta tare da Gwamna Shattima Amina was received by Governor Kashim Shettima at the Government House The rescued girl and her ‘husband’ were taken to the government house in Maiduguri by military authorities, where they were received by the state governor, Kashim Shettima.



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