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Boko Harm and Isis issue their first joint video showing brutal beheading of soldier

TERRORIST sect Boko Haram have issued a joint video in conjunction with Middle East militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) in what is the first formal piece of propaganda between the two of them.


Regarded as one the most brutal terrorist groups in the world, Boko Haram recently declared that it was entering into a pact with Isis, which is equally brutal and vicious. Yesterday, it continued its gory killings in Yobe and Borno States and to mark it published a gruesome video of a beheading.


In the video, a suspected Nigerian soldier was seen in a kneeling position, surrounded by three terrorists wielding AK 47 assault rifles and later, another picture was published without his head. Boko Haram’s latest video adopts many of the same style-points as the hundreds of barbaric videos released by Isis over the last year.
Boko Haram’s 10 minute-long propaganda video begins with what appears to be an intense fire fight against Nigerian soldiers. Boko Haram fighters exchange machine gun fire with the troops and launch heavy mortar grenades on their locations.


It then shows them standing proudly next to the corpses of scorched Nigerian troops and showing off their security badges to the camera. The video ends with the senseless murder of a captured African Union soldier.


With a look of true horror on his face, the man kneels in front of three masked Boko Haram fanatics, two of whom point AK47s at his head. At the end, the video then cuts to reveal his decapitated body lying motionless on the floor.

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